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Advancing medicines
Solving therapeutic problems
Improving lives

Aquestive Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company that advances and commercializes medicines to solve critical therapeutic problems and meaningfully improve people’s lives. We apply innovative drug delivery technology and scientific expertise to redesign important medicines. Our initial focus, supported by our current approved products and late stage pipeline, is to improve medications and outcomes for patients with central nervous system (CNS) conditions.


A message from Aquestive’s CEO

Over the past decade, Aquestive Therapeutics has applied its innovative drug delivery technology to become the undisputed leader in developing and delivering medications through film. Our team of scientists and innovators work to solve important therapeutic problems with redesigned medicines. Whether we are working alone, or in collaboration with industry partners, we aim to transform the treatment landscape with new medicines that deliver meaningful clinical benefit and are accessible for more people. Patient and caregiver needs are at the heart of every advance we make – in CNS and beyond.


Keith J. Kendall

Chief Executive Officer

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Patient centricity

We consult with and listen to our patients. Our technologies enhance patient outcomes by consistently delivering trusted medications with ease and discretion.

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Making a meaningful difference

Our therapeutic solutions make life-saving medications available to those who need them most by enhancing the way they are delivered.


Board of Directors

We’re fortunate to have experienced industry leaders on our active Board of Directors.

History of success


We have produced over 1.1 billion doses of Suboxone in the last four years and
over 3 billion commercial doses or dose equivalents for all customers since 2008.

2005MonoSol Rx spun off as a separate company from MonoSol LLC
2006Begins development of Suboxone Sublingual Film
2007Multiple products launched with GlaxoSmithKline
2008Begins development of Zuplenz Oral Soluble Film
2010Suboxone receives first FDA approval for sublingual film delivery and drug combination film product

Zuplenz receives first FDA approval for lingual film delivery

2013Begins development of its own proprietary CNS products
2016File INDs for diazepam, clobazam, and riluzoleGranted FDA orphan drug designation for Diazepam Buccal Soluble Film
2017Granted FDA fast-track designation for Diazepam Buccal Soluble FilmMonoSol Rx is now Aquestive Therapeutics
2018Initial public offering FDA approval for Sympazan™ (clobazam) Oral Film